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What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is just that. Optimising a site so that it helps it show up higher when people search on the internet. Think of it as making your website a superstar in the online world!

When a user is looking for something on the internet they might ask a search engine. The search engines want to serve the user the best most relevant web pages that offer the best possible answer. When a list of results are returned it makes sense to appear near the top of the search engine results as that is where people will look the most.

Why Do We Need It?

SEO is like a set of optimization techniques that website owners use to make sure their website is interesting and helpful, so the search engine robot puts it higher on the list. These techniques include using the right words, having good pictures, and making sure your website is easy to use.

In simple words, SEO is a way to make your website stand out amongst other websites on the internet and helps the website become one of the first things people see when they search for something. It’s like making your website a superstar on the internet!

How Can We Help?

If you own a website, you’re likely familiar with the constant struggle. It is either experiencing low or declining traffic. The upshot of this is that the website is not being seen by your prospects and you could be losing out on leads which are probably going to a competitor.

We have developed a number of Key Services and built them into two robust Services. The SEO Plans is a fixed set of techniques that is great for newish sites. For more serious users who know what they want they can select the Bespoke SEO plan where you can choose the specific techniques that will be most helpful.

Our Services

SEO Plans

With proven strategies that work time and time again. We have packaged them together to ensure the basic SEO for your site is there

Bespoke SEO

Focus on what will have most impact to improving online visibility. Either work with us or select yourself the services needed

With Over 15 Years Expertise in SEO

We’ve been involved in making and developing websites since the time WordPress came about back in 2003.¬†To understand how we have managed to work on so many projects with success read our page which describes¬†How It Works.


I don't really understand how it all works in the background but I definitely saw a difference in the number of phone calls we get. Since then we have had a constant stream of leads.
JessicaL - Marketing Manager
Jessica L
Marketing Manager for Online Language School
High quality well thought out service. The secret sauce is not just this one service but the combination of related services all working together has really boosted bottom-line results for our business.
Thomas T
Thomas T
Owner of ground transportation business
We had several major issues on our site that we just were not aware of. Thankfully these were quickly identified and our marketing has been growing steadily since. Great service.
Sam B, E-Commerce Owner
Sam B
E-Commerce Site Owner

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